“With the many Fashion Shows and events our company has been involved over the years, the ones organized by Lilyana Eisele always stand out as the most professional, best organized and successful marketed ones. Lilyana is very detail oriented, and her main focus is always the individual success of every participant, Designer, Sponsors, Media and Models. Hard working and always delivering the best on time, she is a joy working with. We are looking forward for the next project together!”

-Fashion Designer Rosaura Sias Pipenburg

"I have done multiple events and shows with fusion fashion and art and they a have all been wonderful and professional. It is my pleasure to recommend fusion fashion and art. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they have an understanding of what emerging brand needs."

- Fashion Designer R. Faith Marrett of Rosetta Marrett

"We had a very successful show, we were lucky to work with beautiful and sweet models. We also made great contacts, we go amazing photos and event new clients! Thank you for Believing in me!"                                        

 - Fashion Designer Candy Woolley

"It was truly an honor for me to open the Friday Fusion Fashion & Art Week show on the runway. The tireless work you put into the event was amazing and it showed."      - Fashion Designer Dannielle R Kukar of FeatherHeart

"As you promised OSGS was credited during your event which in turn brought our business more attention outside of our own efforts. We experienced positive feedback from outside our gallery."

- Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla & Evelyn Ortiz Smykla of Ortiz-Smykla | Gallery-Studio

"I was delighted to be one of the participants in the Fusion Fashion & Art Show . . . my outfits were presented in a highly professional and beautiful manor."     - Lola Lower of Lola's Magical Closet

“As a Fashion Photographer, I can say that Lilyana is one of the hardest and most enthusiast fashion related person that I have the fortune to work. I can really recommend her for any related Fashion venture.”

- Humberto Vidal, Owner at Humberto Vidal Photo

 “From the outside looking in, Lilyana really hustles! Even before the night/week of the fashion show events, she is hard at work getting the clients and models all lined up. This pays off because, at show time, everything runs like clockwork! Lilyana puts together a very smooth show, making everyone (the media, models, and designers) feel comfortable and welcome!”     - Brian Rosen, Video Editor

“Lilyana Eisele is an extraordinary visionary with deeply held values of quality service and collaboration with others. She is committed to her mission with Fusion Fashion & Art. That is " successfully unify diverse high fashion art forms, facilitate and support the kindness of humanity in the local community and foster business integrity dedicated to excellence." During multiple fashion and arts related events produced by Lilyana, I have observed her provide leadership in ways that exceeded expectations time and time again. Lilyana's highly competent professionalism and warm personal style invite others to the process with satisfying results for everyone. For these reasons and more, I gladly submit my strongest recommendation. “                                          

 - Tom Dodson, Ph.D , Professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University

“I have worked with Lilyana at a few different events and she was always pleasant, professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend her in any capacity because I know she will do her best to do a great job!”

- Tom Latrielle D.C., Director/ Doctor at Mobile Chiropractic By Dr. Tom

"Your last show was amazing, my daughter was a model, and we really enjoyed it, very nice show." - Daymi Blain